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TranZplus Engineering is a dynamic company that offers technologically advanced mechanical power transmission solutions which aim to be a reliable and knowledgeable supplier for the industry.

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The Preferred Mechanical Power Transmission Specialist.

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Provide Encompassing Mechanical Power Transmission Solution.

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Technical Seminars

We provide free technical seminars for all customers.

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Welcome to TranZplus Engineering!

TranZplus Engineering is a supplier for:


1) Factory Automation
2) Electronic Manufacturing industries
3) Oil & Gas Industries
4) Chemical Industries
5) Pharmaceutical industries
6) R&D Development Industries

Our Specialisation

Technical Seminars

We provide free technical seminars for all customers.
The topics for our seminars:

  1. Transmission Chains
  2. Timing Belt & Pulley
  3. Couplings

Design Consultation

Our Engineers will provide design consultation for all customers on  mechanical power transmission products.

Trouble Shooting

We provide trouble shooting session for customer for their machine failure and capable of providing reports after the trouble shooting session


  • "I am very satisfied with the service we have received from TranZplus Engineering.Your service was prompt, courteous, and thorough. It was also very price competitive. I have never had a problem with your company or employees.Keep up the good work."
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    01 – Raymond Goh
  • Pulley Bar Form

    Pulley Bar Form

    For customers who wish to process their own pulley, We have a wide range of timing pulley bar form which allow  them to produce their own pulleys BAR FORM  ( LENGTH OF 100 – 200MM ) MATERIAL : Aluminium Steel Stainless Steel Cast Iron Customised / Special made to order also available. Our Engineer will...

  • Power Lock Bush

    Power Lock Bush

    Keyless locking devices connect component by means of a mechanical interferences fit. TranZplus Power Lock are available from 3 mm to 620 mm diameter.  The Lock are centre-centering and comes in medium to high torque capacity. TLK 110 TLK 130 TLK 131 TLK 132 TLK 133 TLK 134 TLK 139 TLK 200 TLK 250 TLK...

  • Machine Key

    Machine Key

    Stock Key available in 300mm or 350mm length Flat Key available in Single or Double Round Key in assorted dimension Several series available for selection – SK300, SKS350, RS series Woodruff Key Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D Gib Head key Pin Taper Pin Most comprehensive range of Machine Key. Over 600...

  • Linear Shaft

    Linear Shaft

    Induction hardened and ground linear shafts Available in various sizes NI-W series and NI-WZ series Available in customized required length

  • GRIEGER Aluminium Profile Accessories

    GRIEGER Aluminium Profile Accessories

    The GRIEGER Aluminium Profile Accessories are high quality products, made to last. Complete range of accessories for GRIEGER Profile System is available. GRIEGER Accessories range: Connectors – Brackets, swivel bracket, multiconnector, central bolt, inner bracket Fixing – installation material Feet, Castors Workstation Lamps, tool hangers, grinder stones Door element – hinges, handles, ball catches, slam...

  • GRIEGER Aluminmprofil Systeme

    GRIEGER Aluminmprofil Systeme

    TranZplus is in partnership with GRIEGER, promoting the GRIEGER Aluminmprofil Systeme across the Asia Pacific region. GRIEGER is an innovative company from Hemmingen (close to Stuttgart), Germany specializing in factory automation and creating machine frames, conveyor systems and much more. TranZplus offers the supply of GRIEGER Aluminmprofil Systeme and the related accessories.  With our self contained...

  • Gears


    GEARS SIZES / MODEL AVAILABLE: Spur Gears Helical Gears Miter Gears Bevel Gears Racks & Pinions Internal Gears MATERIAL: Steel Stainless SteeL PS and PSA plastic Brass Customized / Special made to order also available.

  • Couplings


    COUPLINGS MODEL AVAILABLE: Flexible couplings Rubber couplings Disk couplings Pin & Bush couplings Zero backlash Disk Couplings Bellow couplings Plastic Universal Joints ( Couplings) We could provide complete machining services to machine the bore hole, keyway and modifications of the couplings as per your requirement.

  • Conveyor Belt

    Conveyor Belt

    A conveyor belt (also known as belt conveyor) consists of two or more pulleys, forming a continuous loop – the conveyor belt – that rotates within themselves. One or both of the pulleys can be powered, moving the belt and the material on the belt forward. The powered pulley is called the drive pulley while...

  • Chain Couplings

    Chain Couplings

    Chain couplings offers a rugged yet lightweight and cost-effective method for connecting two shafts.  Chain coupling consist of two sprockets connected by a length of standard double roller chain.  This allows ease of installation, alignment and maintenance. TranZplus allows separate purchase of Casing, Sprockets, Chains and Seal. Do you have a special size and need...

  • Belt Clamp

    Belt Clamp

    Belt clamp plates are often used in motion control applications where one end of the belt is fastened by means of a belt clamp. TranZplus belt clamp plates are precisely match the belt they are clamping. TranZplus have a wide range precision belt clamp plates as well as belt tension clamps. TIMING BELT CLAMP SIZES Metric...

Featured Products

Other services & skills

We help customers to calculate, select and size mechanical power transmission product.
Value Engineering is one of our strong areas where we help customer to improve on process and reduce cost.
We are able to help customer to do reverse engineering so that their part could be able to be modify to suit their machine.

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